How To Improve Customer Service

Improving your customer service can only mean one thing: improving your overall business. Giving your customers better service is a great way to not only keep them around, but also to grow your business. Better service ratings will put you higher on prospects lists of competitive business alternatives and better service will make your current customers stick around (maybe even buy more!). The question is, how do you improve your current customer service? 

Today, let’s talk about three ways to improve your customer service ratings so that every interaction with your business is a positive one and can remain a constant in your customer’s minds. 

1. Know your customer at all times. The moment a customer calls into your service center, you should immediately know who they are by pulling up their customer profile. That profile should be detailed and highly readable so that your reps are aware of exactly what that customer has inquired about previously. Knowing what your customer had a problem with before, better prepares your agents to respond to the latest issues. Having access to a 360 degree view of the customer is an absolute must if you want to improve your customer service ratings. Bonus: Use multichannel support to keep track of the customer regardless of what channel they use to communicate with your business. Learn more HERE.

2. Use data-driven customer service. Thanks tot he advancements in technology, we are easily able to extract customer service data into easily digestible reports and even real-time visual data representations. Having the access to powerful reporting tools and real-time dashboards will give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors and will allow you to read into the analytics of your service center. Having this knowledge will give your managers the ability to distribute resources to the right departments and will also give them a complete view of the day-to-day performance. Bonus: Find a solution that is customizable and allows you to create the visual data that you need for your specific business requirements. Learn more HERE.

3. Go mobile. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays – including your customers. Take advantage of this fact by providing your customers a way to interact with your customer service centers via mobile customer self-service solutions. Having a way to submit tickets to your service center from their mobile phone is a fantastic way for you to retain your customers as they will rest assured that they can have their issue resolved no matter where they may be. Bonus: Go mobile for your agents as well. If you have field agents, leverage mobile tech by allowing them to update tickets out in the field. Learn more HERE

If you start with these three changes, you will see some instant customer service improvements for your company. Your customer retention will increase, and your ratings will go through the roof. If you want to take the first step toward a solution that can be customized to fit your exact business needs, check out our Why PhaseWare page to see how PhaseWare can help you achieve an improved customer service environment. 

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