Ticket Templates and Why You Need Them

Even if your business is just starting out, providing your team with a proper system of ticket tracking software and ticket management is necessary to ensure success. It may seem appealing, money wise or otherwise, to pick a cookie cutter, ready-to-use customer service software solution to equip your team. However, this will quickly become apparent as one of the worst investments you could buy into.

Choosing the right software from the get-go will save you a ton of time, trouble, and frustration from your standpoint and your employees’ standpoint. One of the reasons that PhaseWare is incredible is that our software is built for each company/organization to be able to modify and configure the product to perfection for their particular needs.
The most recent example comes in the form of ticket templates.

Ticket templates, as an integral part of ticket management, are an amazing way to help your employees connect with the customers and their concerns readily and deftly. Instead of starting every incident from scratch, agents are able to select the outline of the ticket they need and just fill out the details — saving time and trouble for the agent, and allowing more room to genuinely engage in the the customer’s story.

Ticket templates are also a great way to improve upon the customer experience from a continuity standpoint. If all agents are pursuing the same end-goal with differing methods, it can come off as a relatively disorganized workplace. With templates, your agents will have the same solution, with the same wording, across the board. This way there are no dissenting experiences from customer to customer, and similar ticketing concerns can be handled more quickly with a higher rate of resolution at the initial contact point.

The ticket template system comes with permission levels which you can set from your end so that only the right employees are able to create templates for widespread use. This will give the managers for each department a firmer control on the types of tickets that agents are creating and dealing with, and a better understanding of what the needs of the department truly are. With this kind of control for the floor, management is also able to help the workflow grow and improve for each individual agent, molding the demands of the day into the best rhythm available.

Ticket templates are just one of the features of the truly amazing customer service software system that PhaseWare has built from the ground up. The reality is, that you will have to test out the features for yourself to find out just how our company can cater to the needs of yours. We have been focusing on creating the most ideal customer support product available for over a decade, and the hard work shows in the product we’ve created! 

PhaseWare’s features are not just for show. Try us on for size with a free trial! No credit card required. 

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