Customer Support Organization?

There are a ton of elements involved when attempting to grow the ideal customer support environment for your team. You’ll need to provide a good knowledge base, a good ticket tracking program, excellent training and support on the floor, and much, much more. One of the more underutilized methods of improving your customer support and customer satisfaction levels is to implement a workflows system for your agents to take advantage of on a daily basis.

On a surface level, PhaseWare’s Visual WorkFlows are used to organize your agents’ days. Ideally, you would want your representatives to come in, sit down, and start working on whatever task is current and prioritized. You also want your representatives to be aware of any alerts or important ticket-related deadlines that are approaching. This will improve resolution rates and awareness, which will in turn improve your company’s customer support ratings.

WorkFlows can also be used to keep your employees ahead of the game. With PhaseWare’s Visual WorkFlows, you can set it up so that every representative has a curated set of tasks for them to perform as soon as they log on in the morning — organized, prioritized, and effective ticket organization. Not only will this key them into the specific needs and expectations of the company that day, but it will also increase their ability to interact with the customers that are currently “in line” and those with higher priority issues. It may even begin to build a general knowledge of what the company may face soon, which will allow your agents to start providing proactive customer support on their own!

The application of Visual WorkFlows is simple by design. PhaseWare gives your administrator users the ability to design, execute, and manage Visual WorkFlows using a set of visually driven tools. The Visual WorkFlow Designer is a drag and drop style feature that will allow for quick and accurate WorkFlow creation. The management tool gives your administrators a visual look at how the WorkFlows are performing. The level of customization and configuration that PhaseWare’s Visual WorkFlows product allows is about what would happen if your company produced the program itself — we pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly the right kind of software, no matter how different their needs. 

There’s so much potential to improve your workplace efficiency, the happiness of your employees, and the satisfaction of your customers using just this single feature. As we mentioned in a recent post, you could also use it to help on-board your newer members, too! The product is versatile, reliable, and ready for you to make it your own.

PhaseWare has it all, and Visual Workflows are just a small piece. Check out the rest of our incredible software products today with a completely FREE trial!

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