The Truth About Hiring and Training

One of the biggest investments you’ll make as a company involves hiring and training your customer support agents. There are some important factors to keep in mind when you begin the process of onboarding new members to your team — like what type of personality you’re looking for, base level skill set vetting, and whether or not your hirees are likely to stick around for a while.

All of these are paramount to making the right employment choice, but there is also an element to onboarding that involves the kind of software you choose to have available to your new hires. The more quickly and accurately you can get your newbies trained and out on the floor, the better the turnaround on your investment.

PhaseWare has some of the best tools for the job. The first feature that will help your hirees settle into their new positions is our Visual Workflows system. With this product, you will be able to spend less time monitoring behavior and time management, as it the expected daily tasks will all be right on the screen for your agents to see. With this tool, your new hires will be on the same page as your seasoned veterans, right from day one. The added benefit of the Visual Workflow setup is that it’s super appealing as well — users can take one look at the home page and glean what they need to know in only a few moments. As they become more and more comfortable, you will be able to adjust what they see, too. This means that reporting tools, daily guidelines, business goals, and department goals can be added and adjusted or set and left as your management sees fit.

Another one of our extremely useful features comes in the form of ticket templates — as a newer addition to our software, this one has been getting a ton of attention lately. With this your trainees won’t need to feel their way awkwardly around each and every ticket. They can simply select the category they need, and have a perfectly worded, on-brand ticket outline sitting right at their fingertips. This will speed the process of ticket taking, certainly, but it will also show your new hires what kind of service you expect, what kind of tone they should present, and what kind of issues they will be addressing most frequently moving forward. This also eases the stress on an new employee’s mind, who may have been nervously trying to feel out their role in the preexisting team.

Onboarding is a many-faceted process, and it’s never straightforward. With PhaseWare¬†available to your new employees, you will be able to guide and teach with a very light hand, which encourages a higher level of understanding and participation from your hirees. It’s one of the better choices you could make for workplace efficiency, and it’s a win/win situation!

The right software can affect more than you would imagine. Register today to get started with a completely FREE trial.

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