customer feedback

How to Collect Useful Customer Feedback
This may seem like a point that should not need to be repeated, but it is one that businesses often seem to ...
customer feedback

Are You Really Listening to Your Customers’ Feedback?
One of the best ways to improve your product along with the support you provide is by collecting customer ...
rewards and recognition

Customer Service R&R: Metrics and Rewards & Recognition
  90%           (of) Employees say customer experience is very important or critical in their company's ...
target customer

Customer Service Disconnected: Who Is Your Target Customer?
  According to Forrester Research, 60% of respondents felt that the company has a clearly defined set of ...
customer service

Customer Service in a WIIFM World
Bruce Temkin released a paper in 2008 called The 6 Laws of Customer Experience. Law #2 said:
customer service

Getting Real Feedback in Real Time in Customer Service and Support
Everywhere you turn it's all "customer experience", "customer feedback", "Voice of the Customer". And for ...
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