Gain Customer Loyalty with Artificial Intelligence

In today’s competitive B2B marketplace, customer loyalty is invaluable. Business growth isn’t possible without client retention. Plus, it costs more to onboard new customers than it does to hold on to current ones. To ensure your customers remain happy, you must provide a high level of support for your product. This means implementing the tools your agents need to deliver the best possible customer experience out there.

Technology that utilizes artificial intelligence is becoming the standard for support departments. Things like chatbots, machine learning and predictive analysis are giving businesses the ability to interact with their clients like never before. For B2Bs, this helps improve the chance of customer loyalty. Let’s learn how you can use AI to retain clients for years.

Improve Personalization

An easy way to lose a customer is to make them feel like they’re just a number. You run this risk if you don’t personalize the customer support experience. Many companies are now making this a priority, so you should too. Artificial intelligence can help. AI-powered chatbots can gather client information and then use it during chat sessions. This information will also be available to your agents in real-time. Having your clients’ product and support history in front of them will allow your agents to personalize their interactions. This instills trust in your customers, and that goes a long way when trying to improve client retention.

Reduce Resolution Times

One of the most important elements of a good support operation is speed. If customers have to jump through hoops before they get answers, they’ll eventually leave you for your competition. A great way to prevent this is to incorporate software for B2B customer support that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants allow for 24/7 service without long wait times. These tools can also direct clients to live agents if further help is needed. In addition, AI-powered tools can make the ticketing process easier for both clients and agents. Support tickets can easily be filtered so they get to the right agent or department without confusion or hold-ups.

Put Self-Service in the Spotlight

People want options when receiving customer support. Limiting them to just phone or email isn’t good enough anymore. One channel that’s becoming very popular is a self-service portal where clients can access a knowledge base and find solutions on their own. Artificial intelligence can help promote this channel. Let’s say a client is receiving help from an AI-powered chatbot. If their problem isn’t fully resolved or they’d like to know more about a product feature, the chatbot can provide them with a link to a relevant knowledge base article. This way the client can learn more on their own and hopefully start relying on the self-service portal in the future.

Let Artificial Intelligence Help Retain Valued Clients

B2B organizations must provide their clients with peace of mind knowing their product issues will be resolved and the customer experience will be top-notch. AI-powered tools can make this challenge much easier for your support team.

PhaseWare can help by integrating configurable customer support software into your current operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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