Improve B2B Customer Service with the Predictive Power of AI

Automation has changed the way B2B support teams provide solutions to their clients. With artificial intelligence in place, agents are more efficient and client retention is easier to maintain. However, one of the biggest advantages of AI-powered tools often gets overlooked. That’s probably because it’s working behind the scenes. We’re referring to the predictive power of AI. This functionality works to track client behavior and collect data and then transform this information into a better customer experience.

If your B2B organization has been using AI technology, you may not fully realize how predictive analysis is benefiting your support process. By learning more about it, you can actually leverage predictive AI to your advantage. That’s why we’re drilling down into the ways this powerful tool can improve B2B customer service.

Personalized Service for Each Client

Today, resolving clients’ issue is only one part of customer support. To compete in the B2B marketplace, you also need to provide a personalized experience. With predictive AI, this challenge is easier to conquer. AI-powered tools can track information on each client, including their support history and product use. They even track when a client becomes frustrated. All this information can be used to provide a personalized experience. Chatbots can offer custom-tailored responses and helpful suggestions based on a client’s support history and product requirements.

Machine Learning Equals Reliable Service

An important part of predictive AI is machine learning. This is the functionality that allows AI-powered tools to pick up on trends and behavior in real-time. In a support environment, this can drastically improve the level of service you provide. For example, a chatbot that utilizes machine learning can analyze the client’s request and provide dynamic solutions. This eliminates the necessity for the client to get transferred to an agent, thus making the support process both faster and more reliable.

Multi-Channel Support

Most support departments offer several channels where their clients can find solutions. Things like self-service portals and virtual assistants are now considered imperative assets in the support industry. However, using all these tools at once can sometimes lead to headaches. Predictive AI can make things run much more smoothly. Chatbots can direct clients to the right self-service resources based on the context of a chat session. They can also communicate with live agents to ensure they have all the essential information regarding a client’s issue before taking over in the support process.

Proactive Solutions

Putting out fires before they start can make things much easier for both agents and clients. However, a support team needs to know when to reach out. This is where predictive AI is invaluable. By tracking client behavior, agents know when a client is likely to have an issue and can contact them with solutions. This type of service goes a long way when trying to keep loyal customers happy.

Make Predictive AI Part of Your Support Operation

Artificial intelligence can do a lot more than help you provide 24/7 support. It can provide you with the data needed to enhance the customer experience you provide your client base.

PhaseWare can equip you with software for B2B customer service so you can add predictive AI to your arsenal. Contact us to learn more.

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