PhaseWare is celebrating 15 years of business.

Take a trip down memory lane! Here are some of the highlight years of PhaseWare’s 15 year journey thus far. Enjoy and thank you to our customers for letting us serve you.


PhaseWare is born. We open our doors and celebrate our first day of business. CEO Randall Nelson and President Hoyt Mann begin working on the first version of our ever popular Tracker product.


With Tracker OnDemand released the previous year. Our customers can now have all of the features they need in any web browser running Silverlight. PhaseWare brings in many new large customers and continues to grow its presence in the customer support software field.


PhaseWare has released its greatest product yet: Tracker Beyond. This web-based, HTML5 version of Tracker becomes available our customers. The PhaseWare data center is processing 20,000 support tickets a day. PhaseWare moves to larger office space!

These are just a handful of milestones along the PhaseWare journey. If you are interested in more of our history please check out our 15 year anniversary page.

Thanks for reading!

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