The Value AI Brings to Customer Experience

Years ago, the idea of customer support was much simpler. If a customer had an issue with a product, a business either fixed the issue or provided a refund. Today, support means much more. Not only do businesses need to provide solutions to their clients’ issues, but they must also deliver a great customer experience. If they don’t, they risk losing business and damaging their reputation.

Artificial intelligence has transformed the way B2B organizations provide support to their clients. With automated tools running the show, support departments can facilitate each client’s specialized needs and also avoid getting bogged down with support inquiries. The result is a much better customer experience, which means improved client retention and the opportunity for long-term growth. Let’s break down exactly how AI-powered tools add value.

Support in Real-Time

In the B2B marketplace, fast support is crucial. If your clients have to wait in a phone queue or get bounced around to different agents, frustration is inevitable. This is a problem the AI-powered chatbot has solved. With these tools in place, a client can find dynamic solutions to their product issues in real-time. The use of artificial intelligence gives the chatbot speech recognition abilities and allows it to access a client’s history in order to provide logical solutions. Plus, if a chat session is unsuccessful, the chatbot can transfer the client directly to an agent who has the expertise needed to solve their issue. These real-time solutions are a big step toward a better customer experience.

Multichannel Support Made Easy

A good customer experience is all about providing your clients with options. In a support environment, artificial intelligence and customer support automation help make this much easier. For example, if you offer a self-service option, AI can track client behavior to determine how successful it is. You may find out you need to improve your knowledge base in certain areas. Artificial intelligence can also bring client information together so every support team member is seeing the same data. The result is consistent service, regardless of the channel the client uses. Finally, AI-powered chatbots can direct clients to relevant knowledge base information during a chat session. This is a great way to empower your clients to find solutions on their own.

Personalized Service

The more trust your clients have in your business, the more likely they’ll remain loyal. Providing a personalized support experience is a great way to make this happen. By using AI-powered support tools, you can bring a high level of automation to your data analysis. In fact, artificial intelligence will do it for you. For example, a chatbot can collect data about a client’s issues in real-time and use this information the next time the client reaches out. Live agents will also have access to this data, which will give them valuable insight into a client’s needs before they begin assisting them.

Bring Artificial Intelligence Into Your Support Operation

AI-powered tools may sound futuristic and out of reach. However, they’re becoming the norm for customer support departments. Give your clients the best possible experience by integrating these tools into your support operation.

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