Is Your B2B Customer Support Team Benefiting from Machine Learning?

Technological advancements have put an astounding amount of automation and control into the hands of customer support teams. Not only has this changed the way businesses can interact with and provide service to their clients, but it’s also transformed the role of the customer support agent. Tools that utilize artificial intelligence have made communication easier and the overall support process faster. Much of this is due to machine learning.

Tools that employ machine learning are able to learn without the help of humans. They can collect and sort through metrics and make adaptive changes based on the data. This capability is highly beneficial to B2B support agents. If you’ve incorporated tools with machine learning into your infrastructure, it’s important to ensure your agents are getting the most they can out of them. Let’s go over some ways this technology can help.

More Reliance on Chatbots

In the past, chatbots could only provide one-dimensional support to clients. If a chat interaction didn’t lead to a solution, the client would get transferred to another support channel. AI and machine learning have changed all that. If modern chatbots are a part of your B2B customer support software, agents can rely on them to take a huge amount of the workload off their shoulders. AI-powered chatbots can gather data related to client trends and support history and use this information to provide in-depth solutions. Your agents should only have to step in if a client’s problem requires specialized knowledge only agents have.

A Stronger Knowledge Base

A self-service knowledge base can be a great tool, especially when agents must handle a large volume of inquiries every day. By using the knowledge base, clients can find answers to product issues on their own. However, this means the content needs to be relevant and up-to-date. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help by analyzing the context of support tickets and chatbot sessions and turn this data into insights that can be added to your knowledge base. With a high-quality knowledge base in place, your agents won’t be overwhelmed with inquiries regarding minor issues. Plus, AI-powered chatbots can provide clients with relevant links to knowledge base articles during a chat session.

Managing Incoming Requests

When a client gets transferred to multiple people before they reach someone who can help them, resolution times increase. Client frustration increases as well. However, with machine learning technology in place, incoming inquiries will get filtered to the right person immediately. These tools can examine the context of a ticket and make sure the issue makes it to a person or department who’s capable of addressing it. Machine learning can also use natural language processing to tag conversations and chat interactions so the client gets transferred to an appropriate agent. This helps make agents’ jobs much easier and also cuts down on angry customers.

Give Your Agents the Gift of Machine Learning

A support agent’s job can be complex and extremely stressful. However, with artificial intelligence and machine learning in place, they can enjoy a streamlined process and the opportunity to learn new technology.

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