Three Major Elements of Customer Support

Customer support can be a complicated endeavor. However, it does not have to be. In a nutshell, customer support is the building of relationships with your customers throughout the customer life-cycle. With the right tools at your disposal, your support efforts will surely be appreciated. Here at PhaseWare we recommend concentrating on 3 aspects of customer support. Three basic elements that will take you to the next level:

  1. People
  2. Quality
  3. Technology

Sounds simple, but when you focus on these three pillars you will be on your way to customer support that excels expectation. First let’s talk about people. The people that represent your company on the support front must have an interest in making your customers happy. This means that hiring the right people will take you a long way in providing excellent support. A happy support agent = a happy customer.

Providing your customers with quality answers and quality information will increase your customer’s level of trust in your company as a whole. Use a quality knowledge base that is easily searchable and approachable by both your agents – and your customers using self-service. Focus on multichannel and omnichannel support so that no matter how your customers reach out to you, they always get the same quality of service.

Last but not least: technology. The best technology will give your customers timely information and help right when they need it. Using tools such as notifications and SLA’s to make sure that your customers are never left unattended. Taking advantage of E-mail integration to provide a one-stop-shop type of service without having to fumble between platforms. Using mobile support to give your customers choice and allow them to take their concerns on-the-go for updates on their open issues.

Breaking down customer support to three distinct elements is a simple way of looking at it. However, if you begin by focusing there, you are surely to improve your efforts and further your customer satisfaction for years to come.

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