Becoming a Branch Support Superhero

How firm are the communications between the branches of your mortgage company? If something of note happens in one branch, how quickly is that information able to spread to the people who need it? These are the types of questions that may uncover the root of a hitch in your company’s gait. The ways to approach and remedy this kind of an issue are not very prevalent or obvious in the market today — and that’s where PhaseWare is ready to step in. With our robust, powerful branch management software, you will be blown away by the difference our product can make!

If there’s a question regarding the loan origination process, enabling your employees to provide a quick and reliable solution can be as simple as accessibility. With PhaseWare, the information needed to resolve customer or employee concerns will be clear and visible as the support system installed with the PhaseWare LOS Collaboration software is second to none. The main lines of communication for you and your team will be more cohesive, informed, and supportive than ever before, giving all of your agents the superpowers they need to excel in their posts. 

When an issue is opened in a loan, we believe that’s not the type of activity that should go unnoticed. Typically, the transfer of information may run into a rough patch as e-mails pass back and forth in a rapid fire state to begin the approach of resolving the issue at hand. E-mails have a funny way of being dropped or falling through the cracks if left in a third party program. If your company chooses to use the heroic PhaseWare platform instead, the e-mail integration system acts as an infallible safety net, keeping all e-mail communications above ground, with increased visibility for the parties who need to see it, and accessible at all times.

Your branches are doing their best to keep abreast of issue tracking and ensure that all the right agents informed, but elbow grease can only go so far when there’s a full cohesive company to consider. One of the best things you can do to help improve the communications environment is to provide everyone with the tools they need to access the support they want! Becoming a branch superhero is just a few clicks away — and it comes at an affordable price, too. PhaseWare’s LOS collaboration software is ready to help and your branches are ready for an upgrade!

Learn more about our mortgage software and get in touch if you want to see it in action.

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