The Magnificent Self Service Mobile App

Your customers are an ever-independent group. As the up and coming millennial generation makes their way into the B2B market, your company will need to keep pace by offering solutions that match their desires: a self-service channel is simply a must. A webpage with the appropriate tools is good, but what happens when your customer is too busy to find a laptop?

Offering a mobile-ready, versatile, handy self-service app is the best way to go. Not only will customers love the ability to solve their own problems, but they will be enabled to do so any time they have a phone in their hands — which, at this point, is virtually always.

PhaseWare’s Self Service Center (SSC) mobile app has the freedom of on-the-go service without sacrificing any of the power of our self-service web portal. When your users decide to approach an issue resolution during a commute, at home over breakfast, or in line at a grocery store, they will have full access to the features they need to get the job done. From the Self Service Center mobile app, your customers are able to exercise complete control over their incident management needs: users can submit incidents to your company, check the status of the incidents, update them, or even close them themselves. Customers will also have the ability to view their account with a single-view access to all account information within the app — no third parties or confusing extra buttons to worry about. The clear-cut, concise nature of the mobile app makes for a visually pleasing and mentally easing experience.

One of the best features of the recently introduced mobile app is the ability to add photo journal entries. In addition to offering customers the ability to create their own incidents with your company, they will be able to attach photos as well, for extra support. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. With the ability to simply snap a photo of an issue and shoot it down the line, comes the sort of simple, direct, customer care that your buyers will absolutely love. Not only will it smooth the resolution process for your customer service representatives, but it will also leave a lasting, “wow” impression on your customers.

The mobile app doesn’t stop there. With notification blasts, customizable notices, automated alerts, and a simple, straight forward interface, you will be constantly surprised by the positive impact it can have on both your customers and your company. The mobile app is a necessary feature at this point — and with PhaseWare, it’s going to be one of your best.

Mobility is just a click away. PhaseWare offers free trials for its products — we guarantee you’ll love it! Get in touch today to see what we have to offer. 

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