Amazing Automation Applications

Automating your company systems can be a nice touch for your everyday work life. It’s often viewed as an add-on that will improve things here and there and shave some time off the workload for your employees — but what if that’s not the real image of automation?

At PhaseWare, we’ve done years of research and technical applications of automation software to bring you the best ideas in the business and the most effective ways to use automation to improve your workflow. It is fair to say that automation software can be the game changer that makes or breaks your company depending on how you use it! So here are two of the best routes we’ve found:

1. Perform ticket tracking with automation. If you’re a growing company, keeping up with the customer contacts isn’t a reasonable adventure to undertake organically. Even split between the members of your team, leaving incident tracking up to your agents will only result in frustration and human error. Automating your tracking program will ensure that tickets are all placed in their proper location, no customers are left hanging or accidentally overlooked, and notifications for change in status are always sent to agents in a timely manner. With PhaseWare’s unique, highly customizable software, you will also be able to select the delivery method of such notifications — agents may receive a toast pop-up, an e-mail, or even a text. 

2. Automate your workday. As with any machine, your company is going to work better if all of its parts move in unison. The only way to really achieve this in a workplace setting is to automate parts of the workday so that every employee is able to see what’s on the plate from the very start. We suggest using our powerful, one-of-a-kind Visual WorkFlows product to help get things going. It’s functionality is unmatched for items like it on the market, with automated daily processes and and an extremely configurable setup which is intuitive and easy to use.

Automating your programs is one of the easiest steps to improving your efficiency as a company. It’s going to simplify your day, improve your customer satisfaction rates, and increase the morale of your agents at the same time. Everyone likes it when the day goes smoothly, and it’s well-deserved treat to provide the kind of software that will give your team that reality every time they come to work. PhaseWare’s products are the top of the line for automation services, so you really can’t go wrong!

Why wait? Automate today. Check out PhaseWare’s incredible software with zero risk — you can start your completely free trial today!


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