Cutting Back on Call Time

Customer satisfaction has a few layers of important skills that your team will need to master. Ideally, your workplace will be able to see constant improvement in customer satisfaction — ensuring that customers are always seeing a difference in your company. A customer feedback management system is necessary to help guide your company’s choices in this field, as well as other customer relation mechanisms, but one of the topmost important factors in pleasing your customers is plain and simple: speed.

Your buyers are busy people. In almost all circumstances, contacting customer service for support on a product or concern is one of the things that people want to be able to complete in one quick session. Fulfilling that desire is provides not only a positive experience for your customer, but it increases the morale of the workplace and has a lucrative effect on your company at large. So how do you do it?

Cutting back on call time is achieved with a careful preparation plan for each and every phone call. The groundwork is laid before the call even starts, by giving your team members access to all customer information beforehand. With PhaseWare’s customer service software, you will be able to view everything — and we mean everything — there is to know about a customer instantaneously. All prior interactions, e-mail correspondences, purchases, returns, service calls, and other pertinent information is available in a full, 360 degree view of the customer file. This will eliminate any research legwork so that your agent can get right to the heart of the matter without remapping what the customer has already done. 

You will also want to ensure that your customer service representative (CSR) has the correct answer at his or her fingertips, to shave off any time they would have to spend researching a topic for a solution. This means developing a thick, reliable information drop in the form of a Knowledge Base (KB). PhaseWare’s knowledge base software comes with some of the best searching tools on the market today, so that all that intel can be sorted and produce results in seconds. With result ranking capabilities and natural language searching functions, your CSR’s will feel like they’re using their own private Google. 

With shorter call times come happier customers. People who are able to drop in, ask a quick question, and go about their day are left feeling satisfied, impressed, and maybe even a little accomplished themselves at being so productive. Your company can help facilitate that every day, and the good vibes will only spread out from there.

Speed and simplicity are a matter of planning. Start your plan right today by checking into what PhaseWare has to offer — the product trial is completely free!

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