The PhaseWare Factor

Customer service software is a must-have to run a successful business on the market today. The necessity of organizing, tracking, and improving your performance in the customer service arena cannot be overstated — which means that you will thank yourself endlessly for investing in the right kind of support for your team! PhaseWare has spent over 12 years perfecting its formula for customer service software, and we are proud to provide the kind of product that will meet your company’s needs from end to end.

The single tenant platform, designed with years of testing and experience, is able to be installed on-site or hosted in PhaseWare’s secure cloud at the customer’s choice. Both options have been fully equipped to give you and your team the exact specifications you might require when servicing customers in your industry. Once installed, the sky is the limit! Our Tracker Suite is the best in the business and you’ll be delighted at how simple it is to get into the rhythm of features like e-mail integration, multichannel customer support, knowledge base know-how, daily Workflows and SLA support tools. It’s our goal as a company to make the right product, no matter what, and so we’ve strived to ensure that any necessary customization be made available through communication and collaboration with our users.

This type of attentive policy is another one of the reasons you’ll be pleased and surprised by choosing PhaseWare. We have polished our own customer service team into a driven, invested, expert crew of representatives who have the customers’ best interests at heart — your success is equivalent to our own. We aim towards a 100% referenceable customer base, and we show it in every way possible.

With some of the top-tier technology and the best engineers at your disposal, you may worry that PhaseWare’s products are out of the price range. But here’s the kicker: everything is priced to please your budget, with various packages available to suit your needs. PhaseWare is a company with the right values at its core, so you never have to worry about being overcharged or undervalued as a customer. Consider us your software boutique for high-end products with low-end prices.

Choosing the right customer service software solution to work with can make the difference in so many parts of your business — your agents will be better equipped, your budget will be in the black, and your customers will get the service they need quickly and accurately. Making the choice to work with the company that feels right will make all the difference in the world, and that’s the PhaseWare factor.

PhaseWare is built to make your life easier. Contact us today for more information or give our software a free test drive!


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