LOS Revolution: Increasing Visibility with Tracker

Do you often find that your mortgage process is disrupted by time spent researching or backtracking? The loan origination and maintenance processes are complex and can frequently require time and attention to keep things running smoothly. If you have been searching for a solution to help ease the process of your daily workload, look no further: PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite is the product you need. With our LOS collaboration solution, you will see an increased visibility throughout all processes of the loan and increase the accessibility of the managers to investigate issues and track resolutions.

If an issue remains unresolved during the loan process, what is the potential cost of that issue festering? This type of concern could knock the wind out of your sales if left unattended. The proactive defense against such a hidden cost would be to arm yourself and your team with the kind of collaboration¬†solution that will provide a clear and direct visibility for internal issues — so that nothing falls between the cracks. A system which improves your vision as a company will also improve your services and performance.

An additional side effect of equipping yourself with PhaseWare’s Tracker is the luxury of free time. When it comes to issue resolution, time is always of the essence. How long does it usually take for an agent to resolve an issue? Is that time really well spent? The process for researching and approaching a resolution could be cut back dramatically with the ability to view every previous contact point and interaction that the borrower has had immediately upon accessing their file. Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge is also speed.¬†

So how much does your team stand to benefit from the PhaseWare’s LOS collaboration solution, really? The process of organizing and tracking loan origination issues has to be one of the major focal points of your daily schedule, and PhaseWare would be taking that process and revolutionizing it to become a streamlined, easily accessible, highly visible, infallible tracking system. The time saved alone would be worth the investment, but the benefits don’t stop at just time. Communication lines between branches would be suddenly simple and information would be available to the managers who need it — ensuring a higher level of awareness for issues and potential issues, and a more lively pace for issue resolution. And here’s the kicker: PhaseWare is priced to please your budget, so there’s virtually no downside to the deal.

With clear communication and an easier workday available to you at a moment’s notice, why wait? PhaseWare is ready when you are.

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