3 Signs That You Need Customer Support Software

Company and organizational growth depends on healthy customer relationships. B2B relationships are more difficult to nurture and uphold than B2C relationships. That is why it is imperative that B2B companies get started on the right track by implementing a customer support software system from the early stages of growth. But what if your company has already matured without a proper system in place? What’s more, how do you even know if you are in need of a customer support software system? Let’s find out. 

1. You are still using an e-mail system and email storage to keep track of customer support issues. While e-mail is a great communication tool, isolated, per-agent email trails are highly inefficient and open up your support staff to letting issues fall through the cracks. A better system is one of e-mail integration support. This way, when e-mails arrive and depart your customer support center, they will also be stored in your support system so that all agents, managers, and higher level support admins can view them. There will always be a trail and a history of past customer interactions available to all agents. This is one feature that you will wonder how you lived without. 

2. Your support staff doesn’t have a system of storing customer data, history, and knowledge base information. Wasting time searching through local folders on agent’s workstations to find a document, filtering through hundreds of emails looking for an agent response from last week, and trying to remember the last time a customer contacted your support center is a huge waste of your customers and your agents’ time. A true customer support system will store all customer data, history, past communication, and resolutions all in one place. A better solution will even allow you to use natural language search to find what you need and get those first call resolution numbers that you always dreamed of. This will go a long way with your customers as they experience shorter resolution times. They will always feel like they are at the forefront of your agent’s minds due to the speed and knowledge that the system will bestow upon your support staff. 

 3. Running reports requires extra software and takes time and effort to produce. A strong reporting system should be a part of any worthy customer support system. No matter the size of the company or organization utilizing it. Wasting time creating reports from scratch using tools like Microsoft Excel is a waste of your time and a way to take the focus away from your customers. A proper customer support software will include various out-of-the-box reports for you to use, and should provide you the tools to accurately and quickly generate reports with a few simple clicks. This type of advanced reporting can be a rare find in a sea of support solutions. If your support center is still not up to date with proper reporting, now is a great time to upgrade to keep those reports generating out quickly and easily. 

So then, are you experiencing any of the aforementioned problems? If so, it’s time to start shopping for a proper customer support software solution. PhaseWare offers all of the features mentioned in this blog, along with a large number of other features as well. Give our solution a try and start a trial today. You get free access to all of our web-based products so you can play with all the features and see how they can boost your customer support center’s performance! 


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