How to Tell If Your Ticket Tracker is Working

Do your employees seem frustrated with the daily requirements of the job? Are your customers really receiving the satisfactory service they deserve? In the world of customer support, it’s easy to forget that both sides want the same thing: quick, lasting resolutions. One of the major overlooked reasons that your team may be struggling to perform their best is a lack of good equipment: proper customer service software can make all the difference in the world.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have the right software, there’s a checklist you can use to assess the usefulness the current tools available.

#1. Is it fast? Customer service has to be speedy. Across the board, customers report that a quick answer is one of the top requirements they expect their companies to offer. PhaseWare’s software offers e-mail integration and full customer history reports right out of the gate, so that when a customer file is accessed, your agents will have a clear, instantaneous vision of the customer’s purchases, returns, service calls, contact points, and more.

#2. Is it accurate? Getting the correct information to your customer is obviously a completely necessary part of the customer service regiment. What’s less obvious is how to do it. One of the better methods is to give your team a hardy, easy-to-use knowledge base (KB) that they can access and search for the answers they need. The right KB for your team should be a collaborative effort that allows for all members to share their expertise and create the powerful tool that will improve the group’s performance on a whole. This will, in turn, improve your customers’ experiences.

#3. Is it easy-to-use? Intuitive software is the only way to go. With software that your agents can navigate and understand easily, you won’t have to waste time with training employees over and over again on the same tasks. And with PhaseWare, we have often found that our software is so intuitive, users tend to figure out (and retain) most of it on their own.

#4. What does the team think? This one gets overlooked all too frequently. If your team doesn’t like the software they’re being asked to use, then productivity will drop and employee retention and happiness will evaporate. Working with your crew to find the most comfortable set up is the only way to really get to the core of good customer service.

In the end, ticket tracking should be easy, straightforward, and comprehensive. The right software facilitate in the same way your best employees do.

PhaseWare has spent over a decade turning their customer service software expertise into a real, tangible product. Contact us today to get your hands on some of the best software out there.

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