Customer Support Collaboration Is Key

When it comes to customer support, working in isolated silos is one of the worst methods of execution. Things like using individual email as the main driver for support can leave your customers frustrated with long resolution times, and copious amounts of back and forth and repetition regarding the issue at hand. There is a simple solution to circumvent these shortcomings and it comes in the form of customer support collaboration. Here are a few ways that your team can boost performance and satisfaction ratings by implementing a customer support software system that allows for collaboration. 

It starts with team collaboration. Your team is a diverse set of agents with various talents and expertise under their belt. Certain team members might be more able to handle certain types of issues than others. This is where team collaboration can give your organization the edge. Using team collaboration allows your agents to share their wealth of information and experience to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. Instead of one agent wasting time looking for a solution that another agent already knows, the agents can collaborate to come up with the solution faster by utilizing each other’s wealth of knowledge. 

Speaking of knowledge. What better way to share knowledge between support agents than to use a constant and available knowledge base. Some issues are certain to reappear time and time again. When this is the case, it is of great importance to keep an updated knowledge base. By doing this, agents who have encountered an issue can document the proper steps toward resolution. The next time the issue arises, the next agent can simply use the same solution. By using a knowledge base you are making certain that no knowledge goes to waste and your customers will certainly appreciate the increased speed to resolution over time. 

Centralized customer information. Like mentioned earlier, agents working in silos is of great disservice to your customer support team. And so is de-centralized customer information management. By implementing a customer support system you are opening the doors to centralized customer info. A 360 degree view of the customer is highly sough-after since it has the ability to give your entire organization access to customer history, information, past communication, and much more. No more fumbling around with lost customer history, centralized customer information will be a great tool for enhancing customer support collaboration for your entire team. 

Advanced collaboration tools. With the right customer support collaboration software, your team will have access to advanced collaboration tools to make the most of their environment. For example, using in-ticket chat will help boost resolution times by cutting down any external communication and even any physical effort for agents to communicate with each other to resolve issues. As far as collaboration methods, this might be one of the best because it gives your team the ability to pool resources instantly inside of the application that they use on a daily basis.

Take full advantage of your team’s abilities and create a customer support environment that will always satisfy your customers by proving quick resolutions and low wait times. Collaboration is key when it comes to customer support. Make sure you have the right software at your fingertips. PhaseWare provides all of the aforementioned features and then some. Learn more about our solution and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding customer support collaboration!


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