What Does a Successful First Impression Look Like in Customer Support

Making a good first impression has very serious ramifications for your company’s reputation. Customer expectations don’t dwindle after onboarding, in fact, they increase exponentially once your customers are tied to your organization financially. This is why it is crucial to make a good first impression the FIRST time your new customers reach out to your customer support team. Especially with B2B customers. But what exactly does a good first impression look like?

It starts with quick response times. When a customer reaches out to your support team, they are looking for a fast turnaround time on a solution to their issue. As you might expect, the customer expects you to have an in-depth knowledge of the product or service you are providing and therefore expect their problem to be resolved on the first call. However, without the right software to handle those issues, getting a first call resolution rate (FCR) that pleases your customers will be a tough task to accomplish. The right ticket tracking software will organize your incoming tickets, and distribute them based on your specific rules. To go even further, a proper solution will allow you to take advantage of advanced automation tools to further control the flow of tickets in your system. This kind of control will make it easy for the right departments, or agents, to get the right tickets based on your criteria to make the most of your agents’ experience. By doing this, your agents can be more efficient and take care of customer issues much faster – which in turn will impress your customers on their first touch point with your company or organization. 

Cut down frustration by making sure that your customers don’t have to repeat themselves when contacting your support team. We all have, at some point, had to repeat ourselves to a customer support representative after a transfer etc. Imagine that same frustration being experienced by YOUR customer when contacting YOUR business. Not the best representation of the way your company runs. To rid yourself of this issue, you need the right customer support software. The right solution will store all of the customer data and customer history in a single place and will outline any important details about that customer when they first call in. When your customer gets in the queue, the software will instantly have all important information available for your agents to review in order to better serve the customer. Even if the customer has to be forwarded to another department or agent, the information flows with the conversation so that your customer never has to repeat his or her information. Imagine a new customer calling in for the first time and not having to repeat themselves – great first impression! 

Maintain a consistent experience for your customer’s interactions with your business. Whether they call in, email, chat, or use a self-service portal, your customers should feel a sense of consistency between all communication methods. A strong multi channel support system will allow for this experience. The right customer support solution will not only allow your customers to experience a similar flow, regardless of their communication channel, but also in the way their problems are resolved. Knowledge bases are crucial to this experience. Why tackle the same problems in different ways when a proven solution can be stored in a place that is always available to all your agents? Cut down on the time to resolution and give off a first impression that will surely impress even the pickiest of customers.

So there you have it. A clear look at what a successful first impression looks like from a customer support perspective. Is your team ready to leave this caliber of impression? If not, get in touch with PhaseWare today. Our complete customer support software suite has the ability to leave that successful first impression. You can also request a free trial to test drive the system. 


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