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A New Year for Customer Service and Support Excellence

As we begin the New Year, and PhaseWare prepares to celebrate our eighth anniversary, I’d like to look back on the past year and also look forward to what's ahead. As a company, one our major goals heading into 2012 was to improve our content marketing initiatives. Essentially, we wanted to provide our customers and future partners with a fresh perspective on the customer service and support issues affecting them most

The Rearview Mirror

If you follow our other blog, The PhaseWare Files, you’ve seen a big part of that goal come to life over the past several months. With a series of ebooks and a collection of solution guides, we focused on providing relevant information on a variety of customer service and support software solutions such as complaint management, issue tracking, knowledge management, and help desk.

We also covered other pertinent, related topics such as customer service automation, first-call resolution, and multichannel customer support strategies. These topics, along with a variety of fun, factual, and sometimes curious subjects have also been covered as standalone posts in The PhaseWare Files.

In September 2012, PhaseWare also introduced an update to our flagship product. PhaseWare Tracker 7.0 includes an updated look-and-feel; mail checker enhancements such as global junk attachments, e-mail conversations or threads, and loop detection; running log for incident journals, administrator license management, and chat enhancements for the Self-Service Center.

The Road Ahead

Looking ahead to 2013, PhaseWare plans to keep on the current path with content marketing and continued improvements to PhaseWare Tracker. In terms of content, you can look forward to seeing more case studies this year, more ebooks, and more solution-centered content on how PhaseWare can help solve your customer service and support challenges.

We're also currently developing PhaseWare Tracker 7.1, which will expand accessibility for Tracker Mobile to most handheld devices including the iPad.

We will also be rolling out the following new features:

  • Punch lists: A quick-and-easy way to create, edit, and track checklists without creating separate incidents for each item
  • Integrated screen capture tool: A screen shot tool allowing users to snip an entire screen, a single window, or just a selected region of the screen to illustrate their issue and help supports agents troubleshoot more effectively
  • Smart selection: A dynamic classification tree designed to improve issue classification while making incident submission easier and more intuitive for the customer

Please take some time to visit the links included in this post to learn more about PhaseWare and our approach to customer service and support. And let us know what you think!

We're excited about the future and hope to bring you all along for the ride!!

Big finish? Head start? Maybe both?

 With a strong finish to 2012, PhaseWare hopes to capitalize on a

nice head start in 2013.

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