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PhaseWare Tracker 7.0 - Released!

As PhaseWare is committed to providing our users with a superior Customer Support Product, it is my great pleasure to announce the release of PhaseWare Tracker 7.0. This is the 7th major release of the PhaseWare Tracker suite of Customer Support products. The major upgrades in Tracker 7.0 include PhaseWare Mail Checker, PhaseWare Tracker desktop and web application, PhaseWare Self Service Center, and PhaseWare Event Engine. We pushed this release to focus on enhancing the current functionality and fine-tuning many elements of the user interface. Rather than adding extra features to benefit only a small subsection of customers, we believe the emphasis on these changes will deliver greater value to our entire customer base.

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Tracker 7.0 Major Highlights

  • PhaseWare Tracker look-and-feel update: The windows theme and individual web components have been updated to take advantage of a modern look and feel.

  • PhaseWare Event Engine Enhancements: You can now send e-mails, alerts and text messages to an entire department or just the department head. Additionally, the PhaseWare Event Engine has been improved to reduce the possibility of an event loop occurring as well as detecting improperly set up events.

  • PhaseWare Mail Checker - Global Junk Attachments: You can now mark an attachment as junk globally, which applies to all customers. For example, many companies use superfluous attachments such as the Facebook logo. Previously, you would have to mark the attachment as junk for each customer using it. Once an element is marked as junk, the mail checker will not import these attachments into the Tracker database thus saving space and unnecessary database overhead.

  • PhaseWare Mail Checker – Artificial Intelligence

    • E-mail conversations/threads: This feature enables multiple e-mails with the same subject line to be treated as the same incident versus creating a new incident per e-mail. This feature helps keep multiple e-mails about the same issue in a single incident.

    • Loop Detection:The mail checker can now detect repeat or looping journal entries and stop them before bad things happen.

  • PhaseWare Tracker Incident Journal Running Log: The incident screen now offers a quick overview of all of your journal entries with the running log. This view eliminates the need to click through each of the journal entries to view all of the notes.

  • PhaseWare Tracker Admin License Management: There is now a screen in the Tracker Admin application allowing you to manage all of your PhaseWare licenses.

  • PhaseWare SSC Chat Enhancements:The Chat Message Alert Manager is designed to help agents manage multiple Self Service Center chat sessions more efficiently. The Alert Manager window displays all open chat sessions requiring attention (meaning sessions where the SSC user has sent a chat and is waiting on a response). When you select a chat session to respond to, Tracker brings that session to the front.

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