Top 4 Features of Your Ideal Customer Service Software

Handling complaints is an inescapable side effect of handling a business. There are a lot of factors which go into deciding on your ideal customer service software, and it can seem appealing to select a simple, cookie cutter software system off the bottom shelf. But the negative side effects of selecting the wrong type of software for your business are limitless, so it is imperative to take care and focus on the top functionality requirements for a good system.

#1: Configurability. The customer service game changes from day to day, and so should customer service software. The ability to configure your software to specifically meet your own needs is indispensable¬†to providing top notch customer satisfaction. You will be able to form and reform the whole program as your business needs grow and change. You will also be able to customize your customer self service portal to fit your brand’s look and feel.

#2: Speed. Cultivating the best customer support environment depends upon your company’s ability to respond with some alacrity. According to the 2015 U.K. State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, over 50% of customers who seek out assistance will give up on the call if the wait lasts more than five minutes. This sort of demand for faster service shows up in every channel of customer support, and the Millennial generation is ever-growing its need for service now. Your customer support set up has to be faster than its users to keep pace with their needs and give your team the leg-up on incoming tickets.

#3: Workflows. Customizing your own support¬†workflow can smooth out the operating processes of your business. With PhaseWare’s Visual Workflows you are able to drag and drop your workflow into perfection, creating a well-oiled machine. The intake process for customer tickets can get a little hairy, but utilizing a visual workflow will simplify the organization so that your company efficiency is at an all time high.

#4: Tracking. In the industry of customer care, tracking and organizing your customers’ individual contacts is crucial to provide a streamlined flow of service between tickets which are input by the same customer. PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly powerful engine for just such a need, which you will find to make your life, and your customers’ lives, a whole lot easier.

Managing your customers and providing support is a many-faceted game which is best won by mastering the basics. With the right customer service software, your company can provide the stellar products and assistance that is was intended to provide.

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