PhaseWare Tracker and Tracker OnDemand

PhaseWare Tracker


Host with PhaseWare and we will set everything up for you, monitor your database, and perform routine backups.


Install the full-featured Tracker application(s) on your own server(s). We will assist you every step of the way.

Tailor it to your specific needs with fully customizable:

  • Screens, panels, and tabs
  • Global settings
  • Workflows and Processes
  • Fields, labels, and colors
  • User and contact security
  • SLA requirements
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Dropdown lists
  • And much more!

Multichannel Support

Interact with customers via any channel: Phone, live chat, email, web, and more.

Easy Adoption

Most customers are using Tracker within a day of implementing the cloud or on-site solutions.

Issue Tracking

Handle unlimited tickets and track their full life-cycle with SLA, audit trails, time tracking, and reporting. Nothing falls through the cracks!

Email Integration

Create tickets from emails, send email notifications, and automate your support process. Integrate directly with Outlook.


Handle unlimited customers and contacts and interact with them on every level. Chat live with customers right from Tracker.


Manage a limitless knowledgebase of solutions, FAQs, downloads, forums, and notices. Equally accessible both internally and externally.

Robust Searching

Powerful searching tools allow you to search through tickets, correspondence, customers, contacts, knowledgebase items, and more, just as you see fit.


Handle multiple issues, customers, and tasks all at the same time and organize your screen to increase efficiency.


Run and design reports, set up and view Dashboards, track using audit trails, run billing, and much more! Tracker includes over 80 reports out-of-the-box.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Know exactly what your customers want at all times and respond accordingly with a 360-degree view of customer information.

Increased First Call Resolution

Measurably increased first-call resolution rates with reporting, dashboards, audit trails, and knowledgebase.

Reduced Call Volumes

24/7/365 self-service and multichannel support yield significantly reduced call volumes via effective incident deflection.

Perfect Organization

Extremely efficient, streamlined, and organized customer, contact, incident, and knowledgebase management all in one place.

Do more with Less

Every customer support tool you need, all in one place, alongside easy-to-use process automation, means a streamlined workforce.

Stay in the Know

Knowledge is power. Everything is logged in PhaseWare Tracker through audit trails, dashboards, reports, and search.

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