Getting to Know Your Customer Base

Who really makes up your customer base? The knowledge can change the game for your business. Knowing what your customers want and need will give your company insight on where to focus resources, so that the product will match the demand. The following will look at some key aspects of smart customer service management, and how to use them to get to know your customers.

One of the top ways to improve your customer support team and system is to improve your reporting. With PhaseWare’s products, you will acquire over 80 out-of-the-box reports, giving you access to a range of detailed information from billing reports, sla reports, self service reports. Most of Tracker’s reports are able to be exported directly to Excel as well, so you can quickly and effectively get that information into the right hands. Reporting will include audit trails, analytics, statistics, and more. Plus, if the report you need isn’t readily available, PhaseWare will help you design a new one to fit seamlessly into the software.

Another great route to get to know your customer is to just ask. PhaseWare is proud to provide customer surveys that are simple, direct, and give your customers the ability to let you know exactly what works and what does not. Asking the customer reduces time and effort that might have been wasted using a guess and check process of trying to pinpoint the best way to make more satisfactory products. PhaseWare’s Quick Surveys are customizable, and able to be automated into any part of the customer support process, so your team can make the most of it in the best way they see fit.

On the other side of things, it’s also important to give your representatives the tools they need to ask the right questions themselves, or to provide the most effective customer support by creating their own dashboards for their workspace. With this kind of convenience at their fingertips, they will be able to watch trends and keep ahead of the game, so that they might even know the customer’s concern before the contact point is made. Staying on top of the customer’s desires will keep morale higher from the employee’s perspective as much as the customers, and it will free up the conversation to move more smoothly into a resolution.

Finding out about the customer is a revealing process, and can often have broad results on how your company is currently operating. With a full run of reporting, effective customer surveys, and comprehensive, configurable dashboards, your team will have the advantages they need to meet and even exceed your customer’s requirements.

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