How Consistency Can Improve Self Service Portals

The contemporary buyer these days is the type of person who wants to get things done correctly, and immediately. As a company, it is a standard to provide self service portals for this DIY type of customer to have the freedom and information he or she needs to resolve a concern without going through the trouble of connecting with customer service. But that task may not be as easy as it sounds.

Self service portals can take many different forms, which can be a major advantage if properly managed. Customers will want to find their answers through every sort of portal—FAQ, forums, searchable knowledge base, downloadable info, and beyond. One of the key elements to a successful self service portal is providing consistency of information across every location, so that no overlap or confusion occurs.

When a customer arrives at the FAQ page, you want them to be able to find the same, consistent, workable solution that they would find if they chose to call the phone lines, or browse the forums, or send an email. Organization is a powerful tool. With PhaseWare’s Self Service Center, you will be able to map everything out in a clear, comprehensive log of information, accessible to both your customers and your employees.

Consistency doesn’t just apply to the information, either. Customers who come to your company do so because they have learned to trust in your brand, and it’s important to provide them with a self service portal that has the right look and feel to match that. PhaseWare’s software is fully customizable, so that you are able to create a hosted portal with a design that is virtually indistinguishable from your home site. Providing a consistent experience across platforms is a graceful way of impressing your customers and improving on brand loyalty.

Lastly, with PhaseWare’s Self Service Center, customers are able to submit incident tickets on their own and check the status of said tickets as they change. If a customer has submitted a ticket through the Self Service Center, your representatives will be able to track that and have access to all necessary information should the customer decide to contact the company again through another channel. Consistency across channels and the ability to provide seamless support, will the right professional touch to your company’s customer service environment.

Reliability and consistency go hand in hand. When you focus on cultivating an organized, dependable set of tools for customers to use, they will inevitably see your company as the sort of dependable, solid institution they can trust.

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