PhaseWare’s Latest Press! How the Cloud Can Improve Security AND Mobility

Software Advice, the online hub of help desk research and product comparison, recently produced this new guide on how hosted help desk software can help modernize your organization. We’re glad to announce we were featured in their guide!

PhaseWare’s use of hosted customer service software can help reduce the frequency of what Software Advice calls “Shadow IT,” which occurs when an employee uses an unapproved method of transferring customer data.

As discussed in the Software Advice article, it’s all too easy to compromise customer information when employees begin using shadow IT methods, despite the positive intent behind the action. Sending confidential information with a personal email, using freeware applications such as DropBox or OneDrive, or even saving data to an external hardware device like a personal cell phone can open up the opportunity for a dreaded security breach, which can lead to a PR nightmare as we mentioned in a previous post. We believe that the best way to combat the urge to use shadow IT is to provide employees with the access they need while maintaining an upper level of security that companies can rely on.

With PhaseWare’s particular setup, state-of-the-art data security is the standard. The Tracker Beyond product allows its users to access their support and informational files from any personal device, such as a home computer, tablet, or smartphone, without jeopardizing private data. This product, true to its name, goes Beyond the average security measure to offer AES password encryption for all of its users, keeping the company’s information as safe as the customer’s. On top of this, the database will be monitored for safety and have routine backups performed as a rule. And security isn’t the only benefit when investing in a hosted software system.

With a cloud-based solution, there is often zero maintenance required from the customer to keep the software up to date and operating smoothly. Because all the hardware is already in place, the installation process is surprisingly fast, so that most users are up and running within a day for just a minimal initiation cost. Providing users with a cloud-based system also means that scalability is not an issue—whether that means processing 20 tickets in a day or 2,000.

PhaseWare is proud to stand behind its Tracker and Tracker Beyond products as one of the most secure and functionally sound customer service software systems on the market today. Whether it’s safety, savings, or support, PhaseWare will come through with reliable products and people at its core.

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