It’s Best to Invest: Providing the Full Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. The way that they experience your customer support becomes what they think of your business, sometimes even regardless of product quality. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of pleasing your customer base. Investing in the overall experience of your customer’s interactions with your company is quantifiable in dollar signs. Here are some of the top key factors in guaranteeing that your customer comes away with a good feeling about your company.

1. Proactive customer care. One example of this can simply be to provide a wide, rich knowledge base available for customer use. By allowing your customers to involve themselves with the solution you are able to reap the benefits of having more well-educated customers, and less frequent contacts to your customer service team. Another route to proactive care comes into play when you pair your business with an in depth, customizable number crunching machine like the PhaseWare Tracker system. With detailed reporting and thorough analytics, it will become second nature to keep ahead of the game.

2. Configurable solutions. Your customer service software should reflect you as a company, and not just for aesthetic purposes. Crafting your own personal screen design can improve the functionality of your workplace as a whole. In addition to adding your personal touch to the interface your employees will be working with, PhaseWare’s products will allow you to set up customized business rules using the Event Engine. This means enjoying the benefits of a software system set to your exact specifications—configurable notifications, SLA agreements, automation options, and more.

3. First Call Resolutions (FCR’s). With each contact point, the customer and the employee are hoping to make it as quick and clear as possible. Finding a resolution on the first call is the holy grail of customer service, and this becomes routinely attainable when you give your representatives the edge they need to find quick, accurate answers. A Self-Service Center, and the previously mentioned knowledge base are great tools for employees to use as well as customers. Organizing employee dashboards and screen designs are a perfect way to increase your workplace efficiency so that speedy resolutions are the norm.

When it comes to customers, it shows when you care. Taking the steps to create an encompassing customer service system, inclusive of web portals, multi-channel assistance, and self help options, is a sure fire way to improve your business and increase your sales so that each customer comes away from the experience feeling certain they made the right choice.

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