The Top Four Signs You Need New Knowledge Base Management

Providing a good knowledge base (KB) is pivotal to providing good customer service. Many companies put minimal effort into their knowledge base management system, resulting in an unfortunate lack of communication when a customer service representative (CSR) needs it most. If your agents aren’t receiving the kind of support they need, it may be time to reassess. Here are the top four symptoms of  a company in need of a new knowledge management system:

#1. Customers are receiving multiple different answers for the same question. Providing a reliable, searchable knowledge base for your team will not only alleviate the concerns of your employees, who spend a large portion of their time searching for answers to solve their customers’ concerns, but it will also allow for a happier, more trusting customer base, as answers come back more quickly and with greater consistency. This has a pretty positive effect on your customer loyalty ratings as well. 

#2. Only one person knows the answer to specific inquiries. If your agents are flocking to a particular employee to resolve a common concern, this can take precious time out of their days and out of their customer’s day as well. Cut back on that repetition by allowing your agents to add their collaborative support efforts into an accessible knowledge base so that the right answer is just a few keystrokes away.

#3. Customers repeat questions many times. The KB isn’t just for employees — it can serve as one of your more effective self-service tools as well. If customers repeatedly come back with simple questions, it would relieve everyone involved to just make their desired information readily available on the site. This tool will particularly appeal to the younger, up-and-coming Millennial customer base, with their DIY proclivities and the omnipresence of Google.

#4. Agents aren’t accessing the knowledge base at all. This can mean that the knowledge base is poorly managed or organized, making it difficult to retrieve the correct information and discouraging employee involvement. With PhaseWare’s robust customer service software, it will be easy to keep your KB information up-to-date, and even easier to search through it. Our products feature natural language searching and result ranking capabilities, so your company will basically have its own, living encyclopedia at the ready.

Is your knowledge base up to snuff? It’s easy to assess the usefulness of the knowledge base, but it isn’t always easy to predict the positive impact that it will have once it’s become the workable, well-oiled machine that PhaseWare knows it can be. We have spent over 10 years perfecting the type of knowledge base management software that will delight and attract your agents: simple interface, ready support, vast information stores, and some of the most powerful searching tools available come together in an elegant customer service software solution. What have you got to lose?

A knowledge base is no joke. If your system needs a bit of a facelift, PhaseWare is ready to help. Get in touch today for a free trial!

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