PhaseWare the Infallible: How Customer Service SHOULD Work

The careful infrastructure of the PhaseWare product lines have been mapped out by an expert team to provide some of the best, most dynamic customer service software tools available today. Our products have an award-winning reputation for reliability, speed, success, and ingenuity in the field of customer support — specifically so for B2B clients and users. What we do, and how we do it, is as unique as our products.

To cultivate the ideal customer service environment, the first step is to ensure that all products are built sturdily from the ground up. Our key set of flagship products, included in the Tracker Suite, are held to just such standards to ensure their dependability in any work circumstance; this means all items are made with scalability in mind, whether you need to process 20 tickets in a day or 2,000.

The second priority for us at PhaseWare is to ensure that all products work together cohesively, to encourage thorough, efficient results in all aspects of the customer service cycle. The first in the Tracker Suite bundle is, of course, the Tracker product itself. With issue tracking, complaint management, SLA compliance, and knowledge management functions, the Tracker suite is sort of a one-stop-shop for customer support. The system itself is designed to fit snugly into your preexisting setup — we’ll help tailor and configure your Tracker product into perfection even long after the initial purchase.

The second item, the Self Service Center (SSC), allows for your company to provide 24 hour customer service, even if the staffing circumstance isn’t quite ready for that. The SSC is accessible from desktop, laptop, and even mobile devices, so that customers are able to assess their own concerns at any given moment, from any given device. This product gives customers the ability to search the knowledge base, FAQ’s, downloads, forums, and other information resources to begin the process of resolving their own concern. It will also allow customer to submit and track their own tickets, should more support be required.

The last, but not least, product in the Tracker Suite is the Event Engine. This incredible product is designed primarily for internal use, and will become your employee’s favorite tool in no time. With the ability to set business rules and automate nearly infinite parts of the workday, your agents will relish in the change of pace provided by fluid, powerful software like the Event Engine.

These three tools work together to create the kind of environment for you and your team that will give your company the edge it needs to rise above the competition. With the delicate, resilient support web of Tracker, the SSC, and the Event Engine at your agents’ disposal, you will be floored at the kind of progress your business can make in a short amount of time, and your agents will be delighted at the power they’ve had delivered directly to their fingertips.

PhaseWare: where brilliance meets elegance. Contact us today or get your free trial started — thank yourself tomorrow!

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