The Deal with Data

Collecting data on your customers is the only real path to getting to know them, from a company standpoint. The power that you can provide for your representatives lies in what information you can provide about customers they are attempting to help. This is why good data is pivotal to good customer service. Giving your agents the full, 360 degree view of their customers has innumerable benefits on both sides of the relationship. 

This means that your customer support software needs to be ready to support your need for that data — and PhaseWare is up for the challenge. Here are some of the unbeatable features to our products that will leave you swimming in that good, actionable data:

  • Ticket tracking & incident management. With these two powerful items, integral parts of PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite, you are placing at the hands of your agents extremely pertinent information which will be usable the instant a customer comes into contact with one of your employees. This is the kind of actionable data that you want on your side. Tracker will enable to you to view key metrics for your employees, as well, such as First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, customer loyalty rates, and the average lifespan of a ticket.
  • SLA management. With Tracker, you will also be able to monitor and configure your SLA’s, with automated systems to keep you and your agents up-to-date on agreement stipulations, service records, and support packages. Data galore! Because of the sheer amount of information that Tracker’s SLA management system is able to intake, the automation of certain processes came along as a necessary addition to properly manage it all without anything falling between the cracks. This way, when a point of information needs attention urgently, PhaseWare’s automation software will just pop right up and tell you about it.
  • Good old reporting. This one is a classic when it comes to getting the down-low on both your company and your customers, but how effective is your reporting setup at the present? How many times would you say a report is printed, only to sit, unread, on a desk somewhere? PhaseWare’s reporting system is honed and perfected to create the kind of environment that not only encourages good data production, but also engages the viewer with visual data and produces the reports automatically to appear on your employees’ home screens at the beginning of the day. No unnecessary paper trails, and no time lost trying to retroactively collect data!

The best part about PhaseWare’s products is that they are all tailored to the exact needs and specifications of our individual buyers — so if your agents need to know some unique information about their customers, we can map out and configure an information production system that will keep you in the know, every time. After all, data makes the world go ‘round!

Start a free trial of our products today (no credit card required) and see how our system’s data management can help your support center get to the next lever of customer support satisfaction.

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