Mastering Multichannel Customer Support

Multichannel customer support is the only feasible option for your company. The current market demands that you enable your customers to approach customer support from a myriad of angles; you’ll need to allow customers to access your agents through a phone call, e-mail, web-based live chat, and even from the mobile app. The key to providing good customer service, though, is not just covering all your bases — it’s mastering them.

The multichannel customer support system you offer needs to have a solid support system itself in order to function properly. Building that support system starts with the training of your team. Thorough training is absolutely essential, and it may also be beneficial to you and your company to consider cross-training your employees. This approach is especially effective if you have a smaller business, as cross-trained employees are able to fulfill multiple roles without sacrificing their expertise. This also has the benefit of allowing your agents to change their position when it becomes too tedious or individuals need a scene change to cleanse their palate and keep their inspiration and motivation for the job. Cross-training, when properly applied, can be one of the better choices you make for your employees and your customers alike.

While ensuring the training for your agents is one of the baseline necessities for excellent multichannel customer support, the next step involves selecting the proper software for your business. PhaseWare prides itself on offering the right customer service package for each and every customer. Our intelligent, dynamic, extremely customizable software will change the way you approach your day-to-day. One of the most exciting features of our award-winning product is the knowledge base (KB) system. The design of the system has been perfected over the course of 10 years, with our top experts joining forces with customer/user opinions to create the ideal knowledge base product. The search function is as easy and responsive as your favorite web-based engine, and the interface is intuitive. Our software allows for natural language searching and has result ranking capabilities, too, so when your agents need an answer they’ll be able to find it straight away.

When molding your multichannel setup, it’s important to maintain the quality of the service that you offer. With a growing business, this can be a pretty tall order… but it isn’t insurmountable, with the right allies on your side. PhaseWare has the expertise and the tools to make your company one of the benchmarks on the market for multichannel mastery — and we’ll make the product look good, to boot.

Concerned over the quality of customer support? PhaseWare can turn that worry into a win. Register today to get started on a completely free trial — no credit card required!

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