How to Pick the RIGHT Customer Service Product.

Customer service software: when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all, right? Not so much. Here at PhaseWare, we’ve spent over a decade developing the kind of software and support that’ll have you viewing a whole new world of customer service. Here are some of the outstanding features available when you choose to work with PhaseWare for your customer support software.

#1. Configuration til the cows come home. At PhaseWare we pride ourselves on inventing and reinventing our product with each new customer — customization options out of the box are second to none, and if that doesn’t meet your company’s needs, then we’ll accommodate for whatever the case may be. Configuring the right setup for your particular environment is an integral part of improving workplace efficiency and ensuring the comfort of your employees. We are 100% prepared to help with the setup however is necessary, and support you and your team through the transition process into using our software.

#2. Two different installation options for a better flexibility for our customers. If the layout of your company and business path requires an on-site support software setup, PhaseWare is ready to make that happen in just a few days to get everything up and running. If you find that you are more suited to the high-security environment of a hosted, cloud-based installation, we are also ready to make that happen as soon as you are!

#3. Never ending support. With other customer relationship management (CRM) products, you may wind up working with a company who will leave you out to dry when it comes to post-purchase support, but not with PhaseWare. We are dedicated to helping your team become experts in product use and continuing our relationship with your company as you grow. With ever-present resources like eBooks, White Pages, usage manuals, instructional videos, blog posts, and training courses, it won’t take long for your agents to get into the swing of things with PhaseWare’s unbeatable customer service software. And if you ever have unanswered questions, our incredible staff is standing at the ready to help guide you with anything and everything!

Customer service is more than just an item to check off the list. Customers often identify the quality of service as one of the key factors in deciding whether or not to purchase from a company — and, importantly, whether or not to return for more business in the future. To do customer service right you’ve got to have your heart in the right place, and that’s the PhaseWare difference. The services and products that we offer will go above and beyond the call to ensure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and an easy, fluid service experience.

Ready to take the plunge? Us, too. Contact us right now to get more information on our solution or Start a Free Trial and test drive our products (no credit card necessary)!

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