The Power of Collaborative Solutions

One person by themselves is able to achieve a great many astounding accomplishments. The human need to achieve is ingrained in every person, but there is a cap on the possibilities that can be realized by a single person alone. The best way to increase your productivity levels and encourage positive company morale is to bring people together in a collaborated effort, creating a synergy on your team.

Not only will collaborative solution options present your agents with a better sense of togetherness, but it will also set in motion a domino effect of positive changes for your company. Here are some of the best ways to encourage collaboration in the workplace:

  • Provide the necessary tools to engage multiple agents with a single customer using in-ticket chats. PhaseWare has not only produced one of the best live chat software systems, but included a feature allowing you to invite more than one representative to a single chat, collaborating the resources of multiple agents to solve the customer concern. This will ensure that the customer receives the quickest possible solution, has access to a wider ranger of information, and gets a sense of the top-tier customer care that your company is able to provide
  • Create and curate a thorough, intensive knowledge base software system for your employees and customers to access. Knowledge bases are the ultimate collaborative solution: there’s no end to the number of contributions that can be made, and the information contained can be continually updated and monitored to ensure that all solutions are current. Securing for your company a reliable knowledge base management software system is the first step in changing the daily routine for your agents and getting a solid self service portal up and running for your buyers.
  • Give your agents access to every angle available when viewing a customer file. Of course, customers are wont to approach interactions with your company making full use of your multichannel customer support system; often the contact point will be different each time the customer chooses to connect. With the proper customer support software system, your agents will be able to reconcile all contact points and customer history with a single click — giving them a full, 360 degree view of the customer. This means that agents will not have to spend valuable time tracking down information or interactions from differing departments, and instead will be able to view purchases, returns, service inquiries, product questions, and any other items from a simple, easily navigable starting point in PhaseWare’s customer service software.

Collaborating more on every company front can only have a positive influence on the inner workings of your company, your team, and your daily workflows. And with PhaseWare, it’s easy to achieve.

If collaborative solutions sound appealing, you’re in good company. Contact PhaseWare today to get started or register for a free trial of PhaseWare’s flagship products!

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