Customer Support Trends for 2017 Part 1

In the upcoming year, we’re all expecting a lot of changes. The country was taken by storm with the surprising presidential result, and a ton of social and political change is sure to be on the horizon for the USA and the world at large. This may seem sort of unrelated to businesses and their customer service centers, but the truth is, our environment has an effect on everything we do – and that includes customer service!
With that in mind, there are a few key categories that you’ll need to focus on excelling in to ensure that you will greet this year as it comes with all the right tools to perform when people require it.

The top trend you can expect going forward is that people will want more interactive customer service. The feeling of having some power of your outcome has been a long standing desire for people investing themselves in a customer service engagement, so it is a very relieving process to allow customers some say in how the interaction takes place. Self service is the main arena in which you can improve upon the open atmosphere and allow customers to explore their own options. PhaseWare’s Self Service Center is a product built for customers who know exactly what they want. With the ability to create their own incidents, self administrate their own reports and personal information, download frequent updates and publish their own information, the power will truly be in the hands of the customer. This kind of access will enable users to solve their own issues at any time of the day, which is both appealing from an administrative side of things and from the consumer side.

Another important item in the coming months will be the necessity of omnichannel service. The old standby of phone line assistance will still be a bastion of support, but it can no longer stand on its own. E-mail support has become another requirement for any company taking itself seriously, as well as its related younger product, live chat. Since its introduction, live chat has been one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to administer customer service. Because your agents have the ability to service more than one customer at a time, you will be able to utilize their expertise in better ways, and customers will have access to the top level of service and immediacy of correct answers that they love so much about the phone line option.

Your company has the product and the follow through, and PhaseWare wants to put that on display. Contact us today or test out our software with a FREE trial.

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