Customer Support Trends for 2017 Part 2

In the first part of this short series, we talked about two of the biggest ticket items to require attention for the upcoming customer service trends. The first, a nationwide demand for a more interactive self-service channel,  is grounded in the do-it-yourself desires of the millennial generation currently coming of age onto the markets. Many people want to be able to approach their own issues and reach a resolution on their own schedule, at their own pace, and with the right software you can give them just that. The second item was a requirement for a more omni-channel set up, ensuring that customers can connect with customer service agents in whatever way works best – this post will expound upon that a little bit and add in the third trend that your company can expect to see on the horizon going forward.

Omni channel service has a meaning for most people on the market today, and usually the top three channels that come to mind are phone based, e-mail based, and live chat based support. Live chat is the most popular conversational topic at this point, because it is on the rise and it has such potential to become the most effective customer service method. But the third method is by far the most appealing: mobile customer service. This sort of service is still in the works for many companies, and offering it to your customers has become so quickly an absolute requirement that it’s been hard for companies to keep up with the blazing speeds of customer changes. But rest assured, you can expect to see far more demands for mobile customer service as the year moves along, so get your company ready for the storm.

The last trend to look out for in the 2017 year is data-driven service. Back in the years before the internet boom and the self-motivated customers, people relied on the company to provide information for them. It was believed, for better or worse, that companies knew what they were talking about and how to move forward. This same doesn’t really hold true. People have access to information like never before, and they are using it to help make the best choices as a consumer. Because of this, your company will need to have an impressive command over their own metrics – and PhaseWare can help you accomplish just that. With our software you will have access to over 80 reports out of the box, in addition to any report you may think necessary to maintain awareness about your business. On top of that, if you can’t seem to find the report you need, we’ll help you make it from scratch, because we are all about the people. And information is what the people want!

Your company was built on a brilliant idea, and PhaseWare has some brilliant software to help your idea shine. Contact us today or start a free trial of the most cutting edge customer service software on the market today.

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