Reporting & Supporting: How to Be Proactive With Your Customer Service Software

From the beginning of consumerism, customers have always wanted the proper kind of care from the companies they patronize. If you think about it, it’s a natural human instinct to want to feel safe when you make a choice — any choice. This is inclusive of which companies you choose to buy from. Some of the standby methods of ensuring that customers feel safe can include perfecting the product, providing a well-organized and educated customer service team, and allowing customers to seek support after the purchase is complete. Without these, your company will run the risk of looking like a fly-by-night type with no accountability and little reputation. It’s really a staple to provide these basics to make sure that your company is taken seriously.

But the major point of importance to build within your company is proactive customer care, if you really want to impress your customers. Proactive customer care has the potential to go beyond satisfying the customer and enter into surprising and pleasing the customer. It’s the same thing you would do with any relationship, if you want to care for it properly: think outside the box and stay ahead of the game. So how do you start setting up to provide the kind of proactive care that will “wow” your customers?

One of the best methods of proactive customer care is to excel in the area of reporting. With your finger on the pulse of your company, you will be able to better predict trends, outcomes, future events, and even incoming ticket flare-ups. Consistently watching your metrics can stop a potential issue from snowballing into company-wide alert. If you can see the horizon of your company’s path, you will be able to reach out to customers and save them from experiencing an issue before it even arises. How’s that for a “wow” situation?

PhaseWare has been developing its software for over a decade to provide for its users the most well-balanced, powerful customer service software available on the market today. Aware as we are for the need for proactive customer care, we’ve designed our software to give you access to over 80 reports directly out of the box — and even more reports available to fit your exact specifications as you develop your own needs. As a staple of our company, we encourage users to configure and customize to their heart’s content as well. This means that if you need a custom report designed for regular use, you can have that too, with the help of our expert staff and customer care agents. Knowledge is power, and nobody knows that like PhaseWare.

Customer care is important, but proactive customer care is the zero-level necessity. Get in touch with PhaseWare today to get more information or even start your own free trial (no credit card required)!

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