Five Quick Tips for Better Ticket Management

Your customer service department is arguably the most important in your whole business. It can be a complaints department, sure, but with the right support and management it can be the stepping off point for endless ideas and improvements, as well as a good boost of image for your business and its reputation. One of the best ways you can ensure that your customer service department is performing to its fullest capacity is to maximize your skill and expertise in the art of incident management. PhaseWare has spent years perfecting the art of ticket management, so we’d like to pass some of the tips we’ve learned onto you:

  1. Categorize & organize. Putting your incidents in the right spot is the first step towards conquering incident management. If your team is facing an unlabeled pile of customer concerns, how will they know where to start and who to place on each case? It is so important to organize your incidents that it would not be overstating it to say that your business could go under if you fail to properly prioritize this. With PhaseWare, you can classify your incidents with a hierarchy of levels and add drop down menus to ensure that each user can quickly navigate through the workload and analyze the incidents as needed.
  2. Equip your team. If you have a fairly consistent flow of incoming incidents, you will need to make sure that agents are properly fitted to address them. This requires investing in the needs of your workers. This can mean training and knowledge base availability, but it can also mean getting the right tools. PhaseWare has developed a Workflow software which will help agents keep their day on track and manage the incoming requests in a low-stress environment
  3. Enforce those SLA’s. Service Level Agreements are the backbone of your business, and when you are considering ticketing software it’s important to prioritize the right support to keep track of which tickets may be in danger of violating an SLA, so that you can adhere to the necessary restrictions on your end. With PhaseWare’s Dashboards, you can monitor and track SLA compliance in real time, and use configurable settings to receive notifications on anything that may be of interest during the lifetime of an incident.
  4. Automate, anything and everything. When it comes to cutting back on human error, increasing workplace efficiency, and improving the speed & accuracy of your ticket management, it pays to automate. There are nearly infinite ways in which you can automate the incident intake process, which PhaseWare is more than prepared to help you with. Our software was designed to make the work day as easy as possible for its users.
  5. Get creative with tickets. The classic scenario of calling in to create a ticket with an agent over the phone will always be a standby, but more and more frequently it is not the way that customers want get help. Using PhaseWare’s software, you will have access to ticket templates to speed the creation process, quick incidents for frequently addressed issues, and even Self Service Center ticket creation so that customers can create tickets themselves at any time of the day or night. In addition, you will be able to maintain ticket tracking of all of these through the singular, easily navigable network of PhaseWare’s ticketing software. 

If you get better at managing your incoming tickets, your business will get better in the public eye and on an internal level. There’s really no downside!

PhaseWare in one of the leading experts in customer software software, and we are dedicated to bringing our gift to the world. Contact us today for a completely free trial to see just what our company can do for yours.

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