CRM for the Company on the Rise

In the early stages of building your company, most functions of the customer relationship management (CRM) system are viable to be handled directly by agents and employees. It creates a more personal environment, so that customers feel involved and cared for by your team.

However, once your company starts to grow, that kind of activity can quickly become unsuitable. As your customers grow, and your customer information intake grows, the increase of human errors can stick your business with a negative image it doesn’t deserve, and frustrate both associates and customers alike.

With this in mind, it’s imperative to secure a good CRM software system to ensure that you can give your buyers what they need and want – and PhaseWare is ready and waiting to make your CRM dreams come true.

With our flagship product, Tracker, your employees will have a 360° view of customer and contact information. Any interaction that the customer has had with your service agents will be easily and instantaneously at the user’s fingertips, as well as all purchases, returns, inquiries, personal information, and service notes. This means there is no backtrack necessary if a customer has reconnected to have their concern addressed in a second phone call. You agents will also have the jump on reconnecting customers no matter which service channel they should choose to use – calls, e-mails, and chats all appear organized and ready to inform when the customer account is accessed.

The Tracker product is one of the fastest in the business, too. The searching capabilities are some of the most powerful, well organized in the business: you can use criteria from anything to navigate successfully to the customer or contact you need. Names, customer ID’s, serial numbers, region, and any other identifier can get you to where you need to be, at once. The Tracker suite features pop-up information screens which will also provide relevant information for customers and contact , allowing you quick access to intelligence that can speed along service requests without getting in the way of your current directive.

On the organizational front, PhaseWare shines with the archiving and filing power built over the years by our expert programmers. Information can be organized by any level desired, no matter what the needs of your current situation. Individual location, contact name/information, product choice, components, and customer records can be used to regulate the intake of information so that is quickly and easily accessible again when you need it.

Managing customer relationships and information is about diligence and finesse, and PhaseWare has spent over a decade perfecting the CRM technologies that can put your company out ahead of its competitors and provide your customers with the service they want.

Customer service woes got your company down? Contact PhaseWare and make a difference today.

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