The Power of Live Chat

Building the best customer service environment for your employees to work in and your customers to interact with is a matter of covering all your bases without compromising the quality of service. If you have worked hard to create the kind of service system that will respond to customers and take care of them reliably, what is the next best step to continue the trend of improvement?

We’ve blogged in the past about the importance of listening to the customer’s voice, and this would be one of those scenarios where¬†your company could really benefit in that regard. Give the people what they demand by equipping your team with live chat capabilities.

Live chat can be the edge that bumps you above and beyond your competitors on the market. Studies have shown that customers consistently rank the quality of customer service as one of the most important items for a business to provide, in order to encourage customer loyalty and repeat buying. This customer service channel is on the rise, and it’s easy to see why.

You can use live chat to increase accessibility. Other forms of support present problems to customers with hearing loss, but with chat availability you can offer a viable communication form in real-time with all the clarity of a phone call.

You will also be able to increase productivity on the employee side of things. Instead of creating incidents manually, the chat client will create tickets automatically directly from chat, and integrate the ticket into the incident management system. Less input from associates means more output for customers.

Live chat is also a great way of improving the quality of service, as chat users are free on both sides of the conversation to make use of outside resources and knowledge bases to conduct their conversation quickly and professionally. PhaseWare’s chat sessions allow agents to increase the knowledge base in real-time, as well, with the ability to add content directly from the chat.

Most of all, once your company elects to begin the use of live chat on a broad scale, you will see a noticeable improvement on customer satisfaction and company growth. With great service, comes great appreciation. Live chat is the newest and best way to let your customers know that you care, and you listen, and you are prepared to follow through to provide whatever the people need.

Live Chat is a game changer in the customer service world. Get started with PhaseWare’s software today!

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