Going the Distance with Tracker Mobile

How far can your customer service software solution take you? With PhaseWare’s latest release of Tracker Mobile, your software can go anywhere your smartphone can go.
As an addition to PhaseWare’s already stellar selection of features and tools you gain access to by choosing the Tracker suite of products, Tracker Mobile has the ability to take your company above and beyond and improve the status of your business on the inside and the outside. Here are some of the positive developments you can expect to see when giving your company the Tracker Mobile experience:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction. With the mobile option comes quicker response times, improved communication, and a more seamless experience from the customer’s side of things.
  2. Higher levels of employee accuracy and performance. The Tracker Mobile product updates itself in real time, so that no detail will ever be missed. Because your agents will have immediate access to up to date information, you will also see an increased reliability for accurate information and responses during customer service requests. If one agent adds a note from their department, you won’t have to wait for the e-mail update to come through. One grid of melded information will provide each and every agent with the current, pertinent notes on any customer, at any moment.
  3. Increased security. One of the items you may battle as a company is the ability to provide peace of mind for customers who disclose their private information to you. Tracker Mobile can be one of those features that will present the kind of tech savvy, forward thinking attitude to put your customers at ease. With this product, no external information will need to be transported manually from one location to another. Agents carry all the company intel they need inside of their pockets, protected by an AES encrypted password and secure with our cloud-based servers. The new age of informational protection lies in embracing the mobile community, which PhaseWare is ready to help your company achieve.

The mobile option has become quite the necessary feature in companies today. Not only does it provide a slew of incomparable features for the company, but it improves the morale of the workers and aids in the continued positive image of your business. Dinosaur businesses are the first to go when it comes down to it. So in short, bring your company up to speed with the mobile option, and improve your employees’ happiness as well as your customers’.


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