On-Site A-La-Carte: the Versatility of PhaseWare

There are two ways to procure software solutions for your company’s customer service needs: a cloud based solution hosted at the site of the software provider, or an on-site option installed on campus at your business headquarters. The differences between these two options can be quite polarizing.

For many, the cloud-based solution presents the most appealing properties. Having your software solution hosted by the provider can give the buying company a nearly hands-free experience with installation and maintenance, as PhaseWare’s team is able to address and abate any minor issues and bumps before they present a serious concern to the users. The immediacy of care and proactive power of having a cloud-based solution make it quite an attractive choice.

Because of the many facets that a cloud-based solution can offer, it has been largely favored on the market as of late. But what about the companies who need to have their solutions and information on-site? The trends have seen a decline in customer support software companies even offering a viable option for on-site solutions, which can create a truly frustrating scenario for businesses which are forced into switching companies or drastically changing their business path.

Many companies have a strict need to control their data because of the nature of their business or certain regulations that might be imposed upon them. The ability to store, access, and pass along their data on-site is of absolute necessity. In cases like this, a cloud-based solution just doesn’t work. This is where PhaseWare’s on-site solution comes into play.

At PhaseWare, we believe in providing exactly what our customers need, and have worked for years to perfect the on-site solution we are proud to offer. If your business is the type that needs instantaneous, local access to its files and information, look no further than PhaseWare to help install one of the best customer service software solutions on the market today. Our software is tailored to your exact specifications, to ensure that you will meet with every need from the beginning to end. Although the trouble shooting tends to move more quickly with a cloud-based solution, we hold true to the customer service value that will consistently provide any and all care your company might need to reach the optimum settings for your software.

PhaseWare’s team is made up of dedicated experts who are committed to excellence in software and customer service alike. It shows in the product, and the features available for both cloud-based solutions and on-site options are guaranteed to bring your company the support it needs to be the best that it can be.

PhaseWare can offer you the best of both worlds. Contact us today to start curating your company’s ideal software solution!

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