Inside Incident Management

Every company has customer concerns, open incidents, and trouble tickets. One of the key indicators of a successful company is that the customers are willing to come forward and look for a resolution when something goes awry in the transaction – this shows good faith that they are buying from a company they can trust to make things right. Despite this, incoming tickets can be a lot to handle once they start piling up. How does a company keep up with it all?

Employing a five star customer service software solution is a good place to start. PhaseWare, recently recognized as a category leader in ticketing software, is proud to offer a fleet of products to help manage your company’s incoming tickets and incidents.

  1. A robust, clever, thorough ticket management system enables you to view the 360° perspective of any ticket. This includes relevant history, related solutions, billing options and SLA’s, follow up information, notes, attachments, and much more. This will also provide an audit trail of events for your company to observe and glean important workplace data.
  2. Ticket templates will allow you to engage with the customer concern readily and with aplomb – no need to start from scratch with every incident. Having a template available will allow the team to control their own workflow and assign the right tasks to the right people, right away.
  3. Incident classification is also available to help guide the workday for all departments appropriately. With this tool, incidents become classified inside of a hierarchy in order to organize them for future analysis. You can also view a history of any incident classifications, from the initial contact diagnosis to the final resolution.
  4. Quick incidentsgive your team the ability to record common incidents with just a few keystrokes. These are all fully customizable, meaning that you can change the way that the incident is recorded and also what about the incident is recorded. This can help improve on first contact resolution daily workflow, and employee efficiency.

How are you tracking your incidents? PhaseWare is prepared to do the work for you. With the right kind of software on your side, you and your team can be free to deploy your specialized skills in much more relevant arenas than filling out piles of paperwork and filing everything in alphabetical order. Let us use our expertise to take care of curating the tickets, and you can be free to expand and improve like your company was always meant to.

Don’t just keep up, get ahead. Contact us any time to start using our award winning products today.

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