PhaseWare’s Collaboration Revolution

With ongoing issues concerning the current status of mortgage company lending technology, the industry has begun seeking alternative options to create a more positive, reliable, profitable work place. PhaseWare could be the exact kind of collaboration software your company has been searching for.

The loan origination process is a delicate one. The two most common arenas for loan origination to take place are through e-mails and whichever LOS software the company is currently using. But where one ends, the other does not begin. The challenges at the present are for mortgage companies to keep in time with the loan origination process. Achieving that is not as simple as it sounds. Because the present software isn’t able to process tickets through e-mail communications, information pivotal to the origination of the loan has the potential to fall between the cracks and create larger, snowballing issues for agents to amend on the fly. Expecting agents to clean up the mess for poor collaboration between email and LOS should never be a company concern, and it’s easily fixable by upgrading to a product that will reliably get the job done right: PhaseWare.

Our software is built with the core value to ease the worker’s input from every angle. We believe that software should do the heavy lifting for your company’s communication flow, organizing, and transparency needs, so that agents are able to use their specialized talents towards more appropriate work.

Along with this, using PhaseWare will ensure that management stays informed about the performance of the loan origination process. When an agent sets up a work queue for his or herself, management is able to analyze the current status in real-time. PhaseWare is set up to open the lines of communication between an e-mail system and the LOS as well as give managers an overview of the entire process as it happens. The key to succeeding in the world of loan management is full visibility and full collaboration between systems, as every piece of the company is vital.

Using PhaseWare’s software will create an environment which introduces the missing link between e-mail and the LOS, so that the people who need specific loan information are privy to the instant it becomes available. This kind of collaboration will ease the flow of daily work constantly and consistently, ensuring that customers and employees alike are experiencing higher levels of satisfaction.

It’s all ready and waiting. Contact PhaseWare right now to get an in-depth look at how our software can bridge the gap between your e-mail system and your LOS.

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