Help Desk Software Features You Need

When it comes to Help Desk software, your company/organization should be looking into solutions that are simple to use, highly efficient, and economical. The right solution will make your team more effective at solving customer problems, it will make your customers happy with higher satisfaction rates and will keep be a quick return on investment as it should reduce operating expenses. That’s all fine and dandy, but what features should you be looking for when researching your Help Desk solution? Here is PhaseWare’s list of the top Help Desk software features that you need.

Help Desk Software Features - Automation


One of the main features of your help desk management solution should be the automation of incident management. You need a solution that tracks the entire incident life cycle – including resolution and closure of trouble tickets. Bonus features like automated workflow designers that allow you to design, execute, and manage business practices increase the QoS for end-users while decreasing the load on the help desk. The ability to automate every aspect of your help desk should be a highly regarded feature when comparing solutions.

Help Desk Software Features - Incident Management

Smart Incident/Ticket Management.

Your chosen solution should give your team the in-depth knowledge they need to understand customer concerns and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Find a solution with smart incident management that will give you the ability to view relevant customer history and related solutions for better first call resolution rates. As a bonus, seek a solution that will allow your team to clone, group, track, and classify incidents. These abilities will provide smarter organization of tickets that will make everyone’s life easier – including yours.

Help Desk Software Features - Knowledge Base & Self Service

Knowledge Base.

Perhaps the most important feature you will want from a help desk solution, however, is the production of an accessible, broad-range, searchable knowledge base. A knowledge base that can be utilized by your agents coupled with a self-service knowledge base for your customers will greatly increase resolution times. Powerful searching mechanisms including result ranking and natural language search should be a part of this feature. Providing easy access to information from a knowledge base, frequently asked questions, product specifications and guides, useful downloads, peer service, and more, your customer satisfaction rates and support agent efficiency will improve exponentially.

Help Desk Software Features - Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics.

Reporting and analytics, AKA Visual Reporting, has quickly become one of the most important features of a successful Help Desk solution for a few reasons. Analytics tools like Dashboards help to pull together all of the important data about the critical aspects of the help desk software into one place. This will allow your managers and leads to get a better understanding as to how to improve the performance of the team, who is falling behind, and where your major problems lie. Reporting is a powerful feature that will give your team insight into what they can do better and how to approach problems for faster resolution and improve proactive customer care. Reporting and analytics are an absolute must have when it comes to Help Desk software.

There are many off-the-shelf products to consider when looking for Help Desk software, but why settle for less than the best that you can get for YOUR company/organization. With PhaseWare’s configurable and customizable Help Desk solution, you will get a powerful product that is 90% out of the box ready (and includes all of the above features of course) and our team of professionals will get you that extra 10% that is necessary to make the product truly yours.

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