Completing the Picture: E-Mail Evolved for Mortgage Companies

Tracking your company’s response times, contact points, and input levels are a few ways to determine the stronger and weaker points within the process. But how can you discover these areas to improve if you are only using LOS and an Email system? You Can’t!

For too long, mortgage companies have been using agents’ valuable time and effort to bridge the gap between the e-mail system and the LOS the company uses. Trying to measure productivity or piece together information can be a source of constant strain. Putting this kind of pressure on your employees can induce more human errors and a slower process for loan origination. From quick, easily accessible data, to real-time management dashboards, our solution can help Increase efficiencies your company’s daily processes.

PhaseWare has been working diligently since 2010 to produce the ideal software system to end the woes of a mortgage company on the rise. Since E-mails are an absolute necessity in the loan origination process, we think it’s high time that your software system acknowledges that. Our solution is the next evolution in efficiency for your company.

While the humans on your team represent the core of your expertise and the backbone of your loan origination or servicing departments, it’s also necessary to recognize that humans are sometimes fallible. PhaseWare’s software is set up so that that human error count is nearly eliminated, by fusing together the e-mail interactions within the loan origination process. Being able to quickly navigate through past conversations for specific information will help increase productivity.

It’s all the tools you wished you had, rolled into one software setup. Current mortgage company users have reported that since installing PhaseWare, they’ve begun using it “in 99.99% of transactions,” because of its ease of use, configuration abilities, and dynamic tool set.

What could your company gain from beginning anew with PhaseWare? Moving up in the world is as simple as investing in the right product for your team. PhaseWare is ready if you are. Contact us today to get the software you need for the team that deserves it!

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