Must-Have Incident Management Features (Part 2)

In part 1 of Must-Have Incident Management Features¬†we talked about Automatic Communication, Single Interface and Powerful Searching. Today’s blog will talk about more advanced features that will help you create automated and trackable workflows for incident management, management tools for measuring and assessing the performance of your team in real-time, and supporting multiple support outlets easily by making full use of a multichannel solution.

Visual WorkFlows. The PhaseWare incident management solution offers an entire set of powerful automated features. Much like the automatic communication features that we discussed in our last blog. One of our newest and most powerful automation features are Visual WorkFlows.  Visual workflows give you the ability to design, execute and manage automated business processes with no coding necessary. Using the visual designer you can draw your business process by linking together tasks with special connectors. The PhaseWare solution does the rest of the heavy lifting. If you know the process you want for your incident management workflow, you can build it using this powerful new feature.

Dashboards & Widgets. The beginning of a customer support agent’s workday should include a recap of the company’s status, a review of his or her responsibilities, and a starting point with inspiration for daily goals and performance expectations. PhaseWare dashboards provide the information they need, in real-time, with attractive visual reports available for every aspect of incident management. Any part of the daily tasks that need to be completed by CSR’s can be a part of these interactive dashboards. Widgets are the building blocks of dashboards. Choose from a variety of widgets to make up your dashboards and keep your incident management solution running smoothly.

Multichannel Support. Incidents can come in the form of voice, e-mail, web, and chat. You need an incident management software package that takes into account these various channels and allows them to live in a single interface for faster resolution. The PhaseWare solution is accessible, it will allow your CSR’s to resolve incidents with whichever channel the customer chooses. It is seamless, allowing your team to pick up the conversation, without hesitation, from one channel to the next. Finally, PhaseWare is reliable. Reliability is a requirement when choosing an incident management solution, reducing the downtime on various channels by choosing a reliable solution.

So there you have it, the list of must-have incident management features that you need to be successful. There are many other features that could be useful to you, please visit our features list page to see all of our outstanding features in more detail and feel free to start a free trial (no credit card required) and see our software in action. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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