Why Creating Strong Passwords is Essential for Customer Data Security

Passwords can seem like an inconvenience at times, but the truth is they are some of the most important components of customer data security. Since a password is virtually all a hacker needs to solve in order to get into a computer and access files, it’s no secret that they try to guess it before doing anything else. Having customizable customer support software is one of the best tools a business can have, but it will only be as secure and as strong as your password. Here are some of the main reasons why strong passwords are critical for customer data security, and how to strengthen them.

Shared Information Could Get Compromised

The technology we have available to us today can make workflows much more efficient and help customer service departments provide better service to consumers overall. However, the same technology presents risks when information gets shared among various devices. A strong password is one of the top secure customer solutions every customer support team should take seriously. When a hacker solves a single password, financial data, social security numbers and other sensitive information could be compromised in a matter of seconds before anyone even knows what happened.

What Makes A Password Strong?

Many people create weak passwords intentionally, simply because they are easier to remember. But if a password is easy to remember and is simple to type out, then chances are it’s just as easy for a hacker to crack. And most importantly, you won’t be doing your customers any favors when it comes to protecting their information. A strong password should have a combination of letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols. The good news is a strong password doesn’t have to be extremely difficult for you to remember.

Think about a sentence you relate to, and use the first letter of every word as your password. For example, “my first child was born June 24, 2013” could be used as a password of “MFCwB62413!” As long as you can remember the sentence, then the password should be easy to remember, but virtually impossible for a hacker to guess.

Safeguarding Strong Passwords

No matter what secure configurable customer service solutions you have in place, a password isn’t going to be strong if you hand it over to a cyber criminal. Writing down passwords to remember them is a common practice, but that piece of paper also needs to be stored somewhere safely. Password managers are available to store them securely, and they require a master password to get into your list.

PhaseWare takes customer data security seriously, and offers the most secure customer solutions as a result. Our customizable customer support software is designed to streamline the workflow of any customer service department, but we also want to ensure sensitive customer information is protected in the process. To learn more about the importance of strong passwords and our secure solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


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