Our Guide to Keeping Your Customer Data Secure

It’s impossible to go overboard when it comes to keeping your customer data secure. With the amount of cyber attacks that occur on a daily basis, maintaining the highest security practices is essential for any business today. But with so many variations of cyber attacks, how is it possible to completely maintain 100% data security?

When you combine your configurable customer support software with a conscious effort of protecting customer data, you’ll be serving your customers the best way possible. Simply implementing secure customer solutions isn’t enough, so here is a quick guide on keeping your customers’ data secure.

Update Software Often

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is waiting to update their software. There are important reasons why updates become available, and many times it’s due to a vulnerability that was detected and needs to be patched. A hacker isn’t going to take a day off from trying to steal your customers’ information, so you owe it to them to be proactive in updating your security software.

Store Only The Information You Need

Data breaches are constantly on the rise, so now is the time to evaluate what customer information you currently store, and whether it’s necessary to do so. Depending on the nature of your business, you may only need a name and address of a customer to quickly access their account and provide the best customer support. Storing bank account information and credit card numbers aren’t the most secure practices, so removing those imperative assets from your system will add another layer of protection for your customers.

Limit Access to Customer Information

Many times an organization’s own employees are the culprits that create security vulnerabilities. To prevent this from happening as much as possible, only grant access to customer information to employees who need it to complete their job. With configurable customer support software, you can easily manage a user’s profile to grant them access to the information they need. When sensitive customer information is available to more people than needed, it only increases the risk of a security breach occurring.

Test Your Systems and Processes Often

Once you have your secure customer solutions in place, you don’t have time to relax. Of course, when you rely on the experts to test your systems and processes, then you can take more of a hands-off approach and have the peace of mind knowing it’s being handled. Testing is critical to ensure all security protocols are effective and efficient for protecting customer data.

PhaseWare offers the most secure customer solutions for companies who value and respect the security of their customers. Data security requires a constant diligent effort from everyone in any given organization, and we want to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about our services and how we can help keep your customer data secure.


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